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We have settled on the likely list of loco numbers that will be in the first production run of 1500 models.

These are as shown below.

1. If your favourite loco is not among them, please DON’T post a complaint here – we can’t please everyone. There will be un-numbered locos available to fill that gap.
2. If you think there’s a COMPELLING loco that has been left out, please email us your reasoning at info@ixionmodels.com. Please DON’T post the reasons here, as I can’t forward a FB comment to Phil for consideration. I won’t be replying to comments that fall into these two categories; so my apologies in advance if that upsets anyone.

PRODUCTION RUN TOTALS: 600 x coal burners (1 preserved); 700 x oil burners (2 preserved); 200 Un-numbered (100 of each, may come with an included J Class numbers decal sheet).


Coal, footplate edge black: J506, J507, J519
Coal, footplate edge red: J500, J515, J525
Oil, footplate edge black: J535, J554, J556
Oil, footplate edge red: J541, J544, J549.

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