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Ixion Model Railways - new pricing announcement

The Ixion Model Railways partnership has for some time now been discussing the affordability of modern fine scale railway models.

The catalyst for the decision we’ve made was the Editorial in the February 2018 Australian Model Railway Magazine, where Bob Gallagher wrote:

“On one occasion, our office manager explained why she would not have encouraged any of her sons to take up the hobby, the issue then being cost. The models available today are brilliant scale models, but no way can they be considered cheap.”

If prices are deterring new modellers from entering the hobby, we’d like to do what we can to assist, especially for modellers wanting to recreate steam era railways in Australia. To this end, we are immediately reducing the price of our HO scale 32 Class to $495.00.

This will not just apply to existing stock, but also to the forthcoming run of lined green, lined black and lined maroon C32 locomotives. The policy of pricing for affordability will also apply to all future Ixion model locomotives.

Retailers-please contact us for our new wholesale pricing

Phil Badger, Chris Klein & Lindsay O’Reilly

Directors, Ixion Model Railways Ltd (UK) and Ixion Model Railways Australia Pty Ltd.